The Local Organising Committee is living up to its promise to make the 2010 World Cup a truly African event by making a number of tickets available to other African countries .

Irvin Khoza, the LOC’s chairman, said they wanted to ensure that the other 51 countries on the Mother Continent also benefit from the tournament.

“During the 2010 World Cup bidding process, we made it clear that it will be an African World Cup,” said Khoza.

“We are discussing how to issue tickets to people beyond the borders of South Africa. As you know, we have 52 countries on this continent.

“We have referred the issue of making tickets available to our brothers and sisters in other African countries to the [LOC’s] ticketing subcommittee.

“They will investigate the possibilities of how a certain number of tickets will be allocated to all the countries, say for example 200 per country.

“World Cup tickets are very limited but there is a need for us to make a certain number available, though we know there will be transport and accommodation challenges.”

Khoza said the ticketing subcommittee would also decide on how the agreed number of tickets would be distributed in all the countries.

“Some of the options available include distributing them through the federations, CAF [Confederation of African Football] and their respective governments.

“The most important thing that we will have to be careful of is that those tickets do not fall into the wrong hands, including the black market.”

Khoza added that the subcommittee will also determine the construction workers at the stadiums who will be given free tickets to matches at the stadiums they are working on.

“The subcommittee should identify who should get the tickets from the people doing earthworks, overlaying, installing seats and air conditioners, and the electricians.”

Fifa president Sepp Blatter announced during his recent visit to South Africa that 20000 double tickets will be given to the construction workers at all the venues.

PUBLICATION: Sowetan – Sport
AUTHOR: Ramatsiyi Moholoa
DATED: 4th November 2008