Police will use R3 billion worth of the latest technology to keep soccer lovers safe from crooks during the World Cup.

So said Danny Jordaan, CEO of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, during a visit to Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium yesterday.

He also said there would be strict seat allocation and that drunkenness would not be tolerated.

Jordaan said the best technology would be used to prevent the problem of black market tickets.

He is confident that the police are well equipped to fight crime.

“Crime has always been a concern to us, but we are pretty satisfied with our capability to fight it in and around stadiums.

“Our concern is after people leave the stadiums,” Jordaan said.

He said criminals have become sophisticated and bold, but the authorities are well prepared.

“Police can’t fight crime with pen and paper while criminals have laptops. This is why we will be spending R3 billion on IT in this regard.”

Jordaan said one of the reasons a person’s details are needed when applying or buying tickets is to prevent any possible problem.

“Some people may buy tickets for different reasons and that is why we want all the details of all persons applying for, or buying tickets. We want people seated at seats allocated to them, not a Mr Smith sitting in a Mr Zondi’s seat. We want to ensure that every individual at any stadium has no ulterior motives.”

He said drunk spectators would not be allowed into stadiums.

“We might do vuvuzela tests. If someone is too drunk to blow his vuvuzela he would be sent home to sleep,” Jordaan said.

AUTHOR: Canaan Mdletshe
DATED: 24th February 2009