Actions to Mitigate Congestion

In approaching escalating congestion conditions of what is best called a “perfect storm” of aging infrastructure whilst a growing number of trips (both public transport and private vehicles), South Africa’s metropolitan areas are increasingly smothered by congestion.

TomTom has compiled a congestion index to measure time spent (wasted?) between origin and destination. As indication of the severity of congestion in Cape Town the extra travel time daily is 42 minutes (in 2016 figures), which adds up to 163 hours per year. In Johannesburg commuters are spending an extra 37 minutes per day travelling, adding up to 141 hours per year (click here).

The congestion level is escalating at about 5% annually in Cape Town and at 3% in Johannesburg.

Clearly, a “do nothing” scenario is not an option.

A complex challenge cannot be solved without a collaborative effort from multiple stakeholders.

The Intelligent Transport South Africa is hosting a seminar in the City of Cape Town in March 2019 to focus on actions that can be taken in the short- to medium-term to mitigate congestion as a matter of urgency, paving the way for medium- to long-term solutions.

This seminar wants to achieve two outcomes:

  • Given that congestion does not have a single cause, multiple stakeholders have to contribute towards mitigation; and
  • Focus of specific actions/interventions that can be considered as action steps.
The presenters on the programme will consist of both invited speakers and members submitting abstracts to participate. If you are interested to do a presentation, please submit a SHORT abstract to possible inclusion in the programme.

Click here
to upload an abstract. Typical Travel Demand Measure topics may include:
  • Public transport corridors
  • Freight corridors and inner-city freight management
  • Telecommuting, flexi working hours and SOHO (Small Office Home Office)
  • Parking management
  • Freeway and Incident Management System
  • Traffic management tools and measures
  • Please diarise the provisional date of 13 March 2019
  • Venue in Cape Town to be confirmed

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